From the Fields of Mississippi

Holland on Air        

Holland speaks with NAASCA--National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse


Book a Comedian $500-$10,000/hour

Art $3000+ with average of $10,000

Book publishing package (editing, setting, publishing, and marketing) $1000--optional add-on (consultation on design and content $99)

Music publishing package (movie video, submission to mass media outlets and online stores) $5000-- Movie video includes 2 models. optional add-on (dancers, models, actors, singers, tour)

Willable Deeds $25-50

Donations go toward feeding the hungry

Scripts negotiable average is $4M

Recipes for sell to Restaurants a minimum of $1M

Songs for sell by songwriters $20,000+

Speaking Engagements $10,000/hour

Hit or the like: We do not participate, but you do owe endless trillions of dollars per individual and as a whole for your wicked attacks. Stay in hell forever where you pay or not. Fall forever. (to all not authorized to be here) Payments must be made.