LesterMoney is a division of the Holland Meissner Company. A company founded by the the wiz that developed the diluted property rights theory.  Therefore, in celebration of Internaut Day, we add this article to ask: How rich to you think Tim Berners-Lee would have been had he not given the world wide web away? We dare to say richer than Mansa Musa who is described as “richer than one could describe.”

Business professionals and inventors are great at what they do, but they could be better. Here’s one way how. Buy the research that professors and doctoral candidates toil over day and night. Buy the summaries here every year. Had Berners-Lee had the LesterMoney annual 25 years ago, he would have read about diluted property rights theory and would have charged for the web. Even a fee of 1 cent would have made him unbelievably rich.

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