Dear WellsFargo and the Banking Industry,

There has always been "financial crises" and economic "fallout." However, the scandle your company has engaged in is just another reminder, that practice and research must meet.  For this reason, the business research division of Holland Meissner Company--LesterMoney--is writing this letter to all industries that impact the economy at large.  There is help.  It comes by way of academic research and theory.  Diluted property rights theory is the intellectual property and right of the founder of Holland Meissner Company.  This theory is in the LesterMoney: Latest and Greatest Business Research in Layman's Terms annual, and it is online in a shorter explanatory form.  

The economy, those who spend money, and those who are to manage money must adopt the principles of this theory and invest in continuous research regarding it.  One of the tenets of this theory is that, those common policies that interfere with the rightful owners' rights to benefits as owners are direct violations. These policies and practices violate common sense and trust and lead to a loss to the owners that can not be offset.

Therefore, the benefits of ownership that so many forefathers of economic promulgated become mute and void.  So, in an effort, to both educate and share, LesterMoney is encouraging all of the banking industry and industry at large to adopt the Diluted property rights theory approach.  You can start by ordering copies of the LesterMoney annual today. Click HERE.