Business and Numerology are not new. In fact, both have been around so long, that making a case for their origin is an impossible task. So now, #Lestermoney is dedicated to merging these two monstrous fields. We will start with random numbers--- unless you write in about a specific number.

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Today we discuss: 3030

3030 is twice the vibrations of 30 which is good luck for artistic companies. That is why the magic and energy of 3030 is Holland Meissner Company's lucky number. Companies, like NBC and shows like 30 ROCK already know the powerful ability of 30. There is even a part of the United States of America called the "dirty" or 30 South. (Another reason, that region is home to Holland Meissner Company.)

Real estate and the business world alike, chide "Location, Location, Location." Well, true entrepreneurs know that location is more than physical space, but timing also. So, if your company deals music, paintings, writings, or any of the arts--work 3030 vibrations in.  Have meetings at 2:30 instead of 3:00. Or, sell a difficult product at a 30% mark-up. 


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