To date, Bitcoins have made record bullish moves. Yet, the US treasuries have remained at zero or near zero. For this reason, Lestermoney- a divisional of Holland Meissner Company- has taken note. The US government is not paying attention. The Private Industry is taking over government when it comes to creating revenue. This is a bold yet dangerous move. If the United States government does not catch up and begin to invest in companies that can guide them in sound financial money management, they are doomed to fail. Crypto money like Bitcoin is very volatile. For this reason, it is hard to calculate a beta for these like you would a portfolio or stocks. However, Lestermoney is prepared-with training in financial research, business research, and leadership. In addition, papers have been published by the founder in academic research journals, and the company is only a year-and-a-half old. So, it is still in growth phase. If any politician is reading this, reach out to us at +1-901-232-4811. We would love to come on as a consultant.