Recommendation for Freshman Athletics Orientation-Male and Female 

Dear Athletic Department,

This is a letter for your University Athletic Department; Student Body Leadership, and Chancellor.

As many young women prepare to hear back from colleges and universities about their acceptance status, I have encouraged them to take a copy of my book Dying to be Angry by Holland Meissner Company  with them. The book is my anthem of discovering my own internal defense as a woman during my recovery from sexual and other abuse. However, after some marketing, my company has realized an error. Young men--especially athletes--that are matriculating to college or next level careers should hear this book.

The book allows young men to understand--among other things--a woman's journey after sexual abuse. The book is a quick read/listen (about 2 hours); and it is available in audio, ebook, and print form. Order in bulk from Holland Meissner Company or any of our vendors. Vendors include iTunes (I-books),  Amazon, Nook, Kindle and more.

Thank you for your time coach. 


Dr. A. Persons