No wonder women rights suffer. Men keep trying to create a whore instead of accepting women as women. Men should just go to hell with their expectations --and so should women who adopt this view. Why? Because this country and world is still too lenient on men in political and world leadership. Men everywhere are stifling women's education and advancement without properly compensation for this oppression through marriage. Due to this neglect, they are not only guilty, but ignorantly so. Which leads #Lestermoney to today's question: If there was true women leadership, why are women still earning less and being raped by society as a whole--raped of equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity?

And, for further thought--if there really is a such thing as true women leadership, why did Amber Rose have a slut walk and not a March on Washington? And, why is Rep Ann Wagner dressed like a whore on C-Span? [[SEE Picture]]


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