One thing any student pursing an advanced degree should come to understand during studies is that all studies are not created equal. There is research at different levels.  For this reason, Academia has set up a review process for peer-reviewed research that is often published in academic journals. There are also studies that are published by industry, and others that are sensationalized by the media.

We do not have the data to ascertain how the Andy Reich study on Wal-Mart stores is categorized; however, we do know that from what is described, it does not reach the threshold of "good research." Wal-Mart described the study as "flawed." LesterMoney is inclined to agree. We have offered to replicate the study--another standard in research. And, LesterMoney makes the offer again.  Because, from the information available, this study may only prove that those who shop at "black" Wal-Marts are more likely to use Yelp to make complaints--if that.

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