Some time ago, I used Wattpad and other apps to do some "practice" writing. For any of you not familiar, these apps allow "writers" or bloggers to write short stories for an audience of fellow app owners. Well, the copyright and intellectual property rights of such apps may be murky, but at least you get to sample various writing styles.

So, there I was writing and writing. One writing is the Christian Woman's approach to divorce--or something on that topic. I wrote other things, but I also wrote audiobook/ebook/print book, Dying to be Angry by Holland Meissner. The book was self-published and constantly gets high praise. Rated R and a rite to adulthood by addressing repressed anger over abuse, molestation, and the pathocracy--it is my "coming out."

Now--my son and I presently have Holland Meissner Company [ ; ]. Other present day changes include the losing and finding of my groove; and new dating patterns. Now, I am back writing on an app--this time on my own site.

So hear ye; hear ye--feminine and masculine energies alike. I got my groove back, AND it was just like in the movie, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." There was a younger man --no Caribbean Vacation--and a lot of fun.

And just recently, my 'younger bae' and I were at that critical stage where I am constantly disappointed in myself for loving a man just a few years older than my own son. Like the character in the movie, there I was wondering, "What am I doing? What will my son think?" Now...STOP.

Women!!! Why??!! Why do we do that? Why? Who programmed this "no, no" in our heads?  I am literally screaming right now--scream with me--Why?!!!!

(Clearing my epiglottis--I reply with the following)...You all better not let that young man get away. Just like I did in Dying to be Angry, I am saying "Stop it!" My book version of this is coming soon--but until then heed this advice: If he is doing it for you, ride that until the figurative wheels fall off. Now, no Mary Kay Letourneau (SEE 1996 Letourneau case) madness; but if he is at least 21 and keeps showing up when the men your own age are acting "stupid," pony up.

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